10" - 10x2.125/2.0 - Inner Tube - (90 Degree Valve Out Facing)

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An e-scooter tube is an essential component of pneumatic (air-filled) tires, serving as the inflatable inner part that holds air pressure. This tube is crucial for providing the tire's cushioning properties, which contribute to a smoother ride, better shock absorption, and improved traction. Here’s a closer look at its features and considerations:


Most e-scooter tubes are made from butyl rubber, a synthetic rubber that offers excellent air retention, elasticity, and durability. Butyl rubber's properties make it an ideal choice for holding air under pressure and enduring the wear and tear of regular use. Some tubes may also be made from natural rubber, which has higher elasticity but slightly lower air retention capabilities.

Size and Compatibility

E-scooter tubes come in various sizes to match the outer tire's dimensions. It's important to select a tube that precisely fits the tire's diameter and width to ensure proper inflation and to avoid issues like tube pinching or uneven wear. The size is usually indicated on both the tube and the tire, making it easier to find a compatible match.

Valve Types

The valve is the part of the tube that allows for inflation and deflation. The two common types found on e-scooter tubes are:

  • Schrader Valve: This is similar to those found on car tires, wider, and features a removable core. Schrader valves are robust and compatible with most air pumps.
  • Presta Valve: Thinner and typically found on bicycles, Presta valves are less common in e-scooters but are valued for their ability to hold higher pressures and their lightweight design.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing an e-scooter tube requires careful attention to prevent pinching the tube between the tire and the wheel rim. It's also important to regularly check the air pressure to ensure it's within the recommended range for your specific e-scooter model. Proper maintenance includes avoiding over- or under-inflation, both of which can lead to reduced performance, increased wear, or even punctures.

Puncture Repair

While e-scooter tubes are prone to punctures, they can often be repaired with a patch kit as a temporary or even long-term solution, depending on the size and location of the puncture. Some riders choose to fill their tubes with a sealant that can automatically seal small punctures, enhancing reliability.


An e-scooter tube is a key component for those choosing pneumatic tires, offering the benefits of a comfortable, smooth ride and better handling. Selection and maintenance of the tube are critical for optimal performance and longevity of your e-scooter's tires.

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