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Everything You Need to Know  about the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike 

In today's world, where sustainable commuting is not just a choice but a necessity, the hunt for the best electric bike is never-ending. Introducing the Mearth Platypus Electric Bike, Mearth Australia's official electric bike that seamlessly merges high-end technology with sophisticated design. 


As Mearth Australia's latest offering in the e-bike market, here's why the Mearth Platypus is the must-have electric bike everyone is talking about:

The Mearth Platypus Experience:


  1. Master of All Terrains: The Mearth Platypus isn't just a fast electric bike; it's an all-terrain warrior. Be it hills, beaches, snowy paths, or steep slopes, this electric bike guarantees a smooth, responsive, and safe ride. Its body, characterized by geometric lines, combines simplicity with a futuristic bionic design – very much like a platypus.


  1. Power-Packed Performance: The electric bike's heart is a 750W high-power brushless DC motor, making the Mearth Platypus not only powerful but also equipped to tackle any obstacle thrown its way, supported by high-tech machinery.


  1. Safety First: Safety isn't compromised. With wear-resistant design features, dual disc brakes, and an E-ABS electronic braking system, riders are promised both stability and protection. The e-bike's puncture-resistant tyres, strong grip, and responsive mechanism ensure you remain in control, even on tricky terrains.


Specifications that Stand Out:


- Tyres Built for Adventure: Equipped with 20" large off-road tyres, the Mearth Platypus is ready for any challenge. These tyres, fortified with puncture-proof metal compilation layers, ensure durability and a comfortable ride, regardless of the terrain.


- Impressive Range: One of the main concerns for e-bike aficionados is range. The Mearth Platypus squashes those fears, offering a striking range of 75 km on a full charge.


- Weight and Load: Weighing just 25 kg, the Mearth Platypus is agile without skimping on strength, easily supporting a maximum load of 100 kg.


- Perfect Cruising Speed: Experience the thrill of riding at a cruising speed of 25 km/h, a fine balance between excitement and safety.


- Advanced Battery System: The Mearth Platypus electric bike boasts a removable and replaceable lithium battery complemented by a 6-battery intelligent protection management system. This system provides protection against common electronic threats like short circuits and overcurrents.


- Weather-Ready Design: The Mearth Platypus is always ready, rain or shine. With an IPX4 waterproof grade and a closed design, it's equipped to handle water and mud without breaking a sweat – just like a platypus that can handle almost anything!


- Durability Meets Style: The Mearth Platypus E-bike's robust aluminum alloy frame promises durability, while its sleek and futuristic design ensures you ride in style.


- Nighttime Safety: Night rides are safe and hassle-free with the Platypus's super-bright front headlights. With this e-bike, there’s no such thing as compromise.


- Smooth Gear Transition: The Shimano 7 Speed Gear Shift System promises smooth gear transitions, ensuring every ride is comfortable as it is a pleasure.


- Smart Display: Stay informed on-the-go with the large screen smart display, offering real-time updates on ride dynamics.


- Space-Savvy Design: In today's urban landscape, space is gold. The Mearth Platypus is foldable, making it perfect for city dwellers, as it takes minimal space when stored.


In wrapping up, the Mearth Platypus isn't just another e-bike in the market; it features a top-tier design that promises to redefine biking. Available in the shades of deep iron black and titanium gray, this isn't just a mode of transportation; it's a statement – even a fashion statement. 


Dive into the future of commuting and experience technology, power, and style with Mearth Australia's favorite and a must-have electric bike: the Platypus Electric Bike.


CARTON DIMENSIONS - 40KG / L138.50 x W36.5 x H71.5

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