10" - 90/55-6 - Street Tubeless Tyre

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10" - 90/55-6- Street Tubeless Tyre

Compatible Model - 
Dragon Predator



*100% brand new and high quality

*Made of high-quality material, durable and practical to use


*Material: Rubber

*Color: Black (As Pictures Show)



Package Includes:

1 x Outer Tire


An e-scooter tire is a crucial component designed to provide traction, absorb shocks, and ensure the smooth operation of electric scooters. They come in various sizes and types to fit different models and usage requirements. The two main types are pneumatic (air-filled) and solid (airless).

Pneumatic tires are similar to traditional bicycle tires, featuring a rubber exterior that encases an inner tube filled with air. This type offers excellent shock absorption, making rides smoother and more comfortable on uneven surfaces. They also provide better traction and handling, particularly in wet conditions, due to their ability to compress and adapt to the road's surface. However, they are more prone to punctures and require regular maintenance to ensure optimal air pressure.

Solid tires, on the other hand, are made of a solid rubber or polyurethane compound and do not require air. This design eliminates the risk of punctures, making them more durable and virtually maintenance-free. Solid tires are ideal for riders who prioritize reliability and minimal upkeep over comfort. While they tend to offer a rougher ride and less effective shock absorption than pneumatic tires, advances in materials and design have improved their performance over time.

Some e-scooters feature a hybrid approach, using a semi-solid or honeycomb design that aims to offer the puncture resistance of solid tires with some of the comfort and traction benefits of pneumatic ones. These tires have a solid structure but with air pockets or channels throughout to provide cushioning.

When selecting a tire for an e-scooter, it's important to consider factors like the typical riding surfaces, personal comfort preferences, and the balance between maintenance ease and performance. Tread patterns also vary, with some designed for urban environments and others suited for off-road conditions, offering different levels of grip and water dispersion capabilities.

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